Here’s Four Stainless Steel Solutions for Your K-12 School Food Service

With summer more than halfway finished, the new school year is looming on the horizon (for better or worse). This means cafeterias will soon turn the lights back on & service hundreds of students & faculty 5 days a week. Is your equipment ready for the challenge?

In this article, we’ll give you 4 useful IMC stainless steel food service products that are suitable for K-12 schools. We’ll also give you the main uses for each item to help you on your journey. It should be noted that all of the following models are heavily customized to make them suitable for cafeteria operations. Let’s start.

Model #SMUC – 32″W x 72″L x 28″H – for Early Grades

For early graders, IMC offers a short 28″ utility serving counter that is sufficient for your food service operations. This particular model is constructed from 14-gauge type 300 stainless steel, so it will stand up to even the most chaotic operations. The product also features hinged doors & locks to store your extra supplies.

Two “V” tray slides can be found on both sides of the unit so it is capable of serving a much larger capacity. Finally, the unit is provided with casters & brakes so it can be maneuvered throughout your facility & stored away easily.

With such a short stature, this particular model is suitable for grades K-2 although it can be used as an extra storage unit if necessary. Here’s a closer look below:

Model #SMUC – 30½”W x 45″L x 34″H – for Middle-High Grades

Here’s an item that can be used with your own equipment. This model is once again constructed from 14-gauge type 300 stainless steel.

The unit features an open end panel to accommodate your other equipment such as small tray or dish caddies. An integrated grommet hole is also included to feed any wiring or accessory lines. Of course, the model comes equipped with casters & brakes for mobility.

This particular item is useful for saving space as it can be paired with any of your existing equipment. It is suitable for middle-high grades. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Model #SMUC – 30½”W x 72″L x 34″H – for Middle-High Grades

Hot & cold foods must be stored at the proper temperature in order to be safely served to patrons. Cold foods should be held at 41°F or below while hot food should be held at 135°F or above. What if there was a way that one serving counter can hold both hot & cold foods?

This IMC model is tailor made to hold hot, cold & even frozen foods so there is no need to have separate units dedicated for each. This is all in an effort to save space & add some variety to your menu. The beauty of having this modular system in your lineup is that you can mix & match hot & cold foods so your patrons can choose their desired food all from one serving station.

The product is constructed from 14-gauge type 300 series stainless steel & features a breath guard for maintaining hygiene. The unit also has casters so it can move around your facility with ease. 2 fold down tray slides can also be found on one side.

This customized product is useful for middle-high grades.  Here’s a quick breakdown:

Model #SMUC – 34″W x 86″L x 32″H – for Middle-High Grades

This customized model is designed to fit into your serving equipment lineup seamlessly by combining extra counter space & a modular unit. The unit is constructed from 14-gauge type 300 series stainless steel & provided with a 10″ backsplash.

Starting from the top, the unit has a 10″ backsplash (to protect your walls) & a breath guard (to protect your food). Beneath this is a provision for any drop in plus louvered hinged doors to house any electronics/wiring. A tray slide is also featured on the unit to accommodate standard size trays. A separate opening is also integrated to body to store your supplies.

This product is suitable for middle-high grades as well. Here’s a look:

IMC understands that your cafeteria serving line equipment plays a vital role in keeping your operations running smoothly. Having the right stainless steel equipment targeted toward specific grades is an efficient way of organizing your lineup. For a closer look at IMC’s modular serving systems, click here.

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