IMC Pot Racks: Why You Need Them in Your Commercial Kitchen

Pots & pans are a staple of any commercial kitchen. However, the more wares you have, the more storage space you will need. To alleviate this problem, consider investing in pot racks to keep your wares organized & within easy reach.

By definition, an IMC pot rack is a practical piece of kitchen furniture that is used to hang or store cooking pots, pans & other small wares. An IMC pot rack essentially acts as the ideal storage space solution by freeing up cabinet space. Additionally, using an IMC pot rack is convenient because a person is able to find the pots & pans quickly & easily when they are needed.

Stainless steel is the most common type of material used for pot racks in a commercial kitchen environment. IMC pot racks can range in size from three to twelve feet long. These larger pot racks are capable of supporting dozens of pots & pans.

As a bonus, IMC pot racks also provide decorative value & can enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen.

In this article, we will go over the major types of pot racks & provide some basic buying tips to aid in your search.

IMC Pot Rack Types

There are a variety of designs available to suit any commercial kitchen layout & the correct pot rack can save you a substantial amount of storage space. There are three basic categories of pot racks: ceiling mounted, wall mounted & table mounted.

  • Ceiling Mounted: Ceiling mounted pot racks are the most common type of pot racks. Ceiling pot racks need to be installed into ceiling supports using specially designed brackets. These pot racks are sold with hooks that can be placed on the rim. Pots, pans & other wares can be hung directly from the rim using these hooks. The pot rack is generally shaped like an oval, but can be circular or square. 
  • Wall Mounted: Ceiling hung pot racks are certainly popular, but many commercial kitchens have inadequate ceiling space for this style of rack. Therefore, a wall mounted pot rack is a more sensible option. As the name suggests, wall mounted pot racks are designed to hang on the wall to save space. Wall pot racks appear like a horizontal bar & are available in single or double bar styles.
  • Table Mounted: If you have a worktable or prep table, keeping your essential wares within reach can be crucial. A table mounted pot rack can easily attach to your table for added versatility. Table mounted pot racks appear as a horizontal bar (single or double bar styles) or oval shaped with a rim.

How to Choose an IMC Pot Rack for Your Kitchen

Now that you know the types of pot racks, you may be asking yourself, “Which one is right for me?” Here are some tips:

  • The first consideration is location. If you are planning to install a pot rack on top of a kitchen island, you should opt for a ceiling mounted pot rack. If you are planning to install the pot rack against the wall, then a wall mounted pot rack will be a more attractive option. 
  • Always be mindful of installation space & clearance. Make sure that the rack you choose is sized to provide enough clearance around your wares & no doors or drawers will obstruct it. For example, if you are interested in a ceiling pot rack, you must know how tall your ceiling is. The suggested height from the top of the pot rack to floor is 7′-6″.
  • The last consideration is layout. As mentioned earlier, pot racks can enhance the visual quality of your kitchen. The more modern look of stainless steel will certainly boost your kitchen’s beauty. But, practicality & considering the layout of your kitchen is paramount. Purchasing the correction amount of pot racks to fit within your given space is vital.

At IMC/Teddy, we manufacture a variety of pot racks including ceiling mounted, wall mounted & table mounted. IMC also fabricates wall shelves with stainless steel pot hooks for added convenience. IMC pot racks are simply the best way to display & store your fine cookware, utensils or decorative items. Pot racks are simply essential for any commercial kitchen. For our pot rack lineup, click here.

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