IMC Sink Bowls: Hand-Crafted for You

For this week’s blog, we will pull the curtain back & give you a sneak peek at the complete sink bowl manufacturing process.


We are seeing an enormous amount of demand for sink products due to the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We wanted to share with you the fascinating process that goes into creating a sink bowl that will play a pivotal role in your facility’s hygienic requirements.

Each sink bowl is 100% USA made in our Amityville, NY factory using the highest quality Type 300 Series stainless steel. Some of the country’s finest engineers, welders, and polishers known for their innovative design & craftsmanship handle your sink bowl from lasering all the way to polishing. Every single sink bowl is checked for quality at each step of the manufacturing process. The truth of the matter is the care we take with our work is more similar to an art form than construction.

With that said, seeing is believing. Without further ado, please find below a short video clip on the sink bowl manufacturing process, from beginning to end:


At IMC/Teddy, we are committed to our motto “Quality You Can Trust.” With the high demand for hygienic products, IMC is prepared to serve you in your goal of achieving a safe, clean environment. For a closer look at all IMC hygienic & safety equipment, click here.

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