What are IMC Dunnage Racks? Here’s Our Helpful Guide!

Shelving is the most common way to organize & tidy items in any commercial kitchen. With that said, IMC dunnage racks are a special variety of shelving built for transporting bulky, heavy packages and for direct storage in dry & refrigerated areas.

More specifically, if you have limited shelving & need additional storage space, IMC dunnage racks can securely store goods above floor level. A dunnage rack enables you to store items & food products such as sugar, flour, and canned goods safely off of the floor while taking up very little space. Simply put, dunnage racks are the most cost effective & sensible solution to increasing storage space in commercial kitchens.

But, as with any shelving, variations do exist. In this article, we will look at the different types of IMC dunnage racks & reveal some buying tips to aid you in your search for choosing the right one.

Construction: Stainless Steel Is the Leader

Dunnage racks can be constructed from plastic (polymer), aluminum, or stainless steel. Plastic & aluminum are lightweight, but not as rugged or durable as stainless steel. Stainless steel allows for increased weight capacity (up to 800 lbs). Stainless steel also resists corrosion & is hard to chip or crack.

Dunnage racks are some of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen & must be able to stand up to the day-in day-out abuse. In the long run, stainless steel will save you from constantly repairing or replacing your dunnage racks.

Stationary vs. Mobile IMC Dunnage Racks

We recommend using IMC stationary dunnage racks for areas in your kitchen that are devoted to storage only. Stationary units are provided with stainless steel posi-grip adjustable foot inserts, attached to stainless steel posts.

Use mobile racks to hold ingredients or items that need to be transported from one area to another. Mobile dunnage racks are especially handy when you need to clean or rearrange your storage area.  Mobile units are provided with 5” casters.

Shelving Type: Solid vs. Louvered

The first step to choosing solid or louvered shelving is to know what kind of items you will be storing. 

Solid shelving offers maximum support & is best for dry storage. However, these are not ideal for fresh food because they don’t allow air circulation. Using a solid dunnage rack allows you to create a food storage area for larger sized items & properly maintain food safety standards. These durable platforms have a seamless one piece construction & are easier to clean than louvered shelving.

Louvered shelving has slots that allow air circulation & is best for wet storage. However, these shelves are not ideal for smaller or irregularly shaped items that would fall through gaps. Louvered dunnage racks help you properly store perishable products. Lastly, louvered dunnage racks are the ideal solution to preventing standing liquids. 

Which One Is Best for You?

It’s impossible to choose a “one size fits all” dunnage rack for every shelving task in your commercial kitchen. The truth is it’s best to keep a variety of dunnage racks on hand to meet your demand. 

Are you transporting a lot of dry items? Use an IMC mobile dunnage rack with solid shelving. Are you trying to create a fixed shelving area for wet items? Use an IMC stationary dunnage rack with louvered shelving. It all depends on your application & intentions.

At IMC/Teddy, we manufacture a full lineup of stainless steel dunnage racks. Available in solid or louvered shelving, IMC dunnage racks can be customized to fit your needs. Some popular options include corner bumpers, revolving bumpers, grease fittings, custom sizes, etc.  Finally, all IMC dunnage racks ship fully assembled. For a closer look at our dunnage rack lineup, click here.

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