What is IMC’s Rack & Storage Cart?

Mixing bowls are an often overlooked item in today’s commercial kitchen. However, they are absolutely essential for performing tasks such as making cookies, tossing a salad, or mixing up pancake batter. With so many uses, you’ll need a healthy number of mixing bowls to stay ahead of the game. The question is where do you store your unused mixing bowls? The answer lies ahead.

In this article, we’ll breakdown IMC’s rack & storage cart. We’ll also give you the main advantages of having the cart on hand at your facility. Let’s get right to it.

Model #MASR – IMC’s Proprietary Solution

Model #MASR is a unique rack & storage cart constructed of 14-gauge type 300 series stainless steel. The unit includes 2 louvered shelves that are fully welded to the leg posts. Louvered shelves are better suited for air circulation, which is important for drying off your  mixing bowls after they’ve been washed.

The unit features 3 cross tubes, which feature pegs to hold your important kitchen utensils such as whisks, pots, pans or spatulas.

Each of the 16-gauge legs has 5” casters, (2) w/ brakes & are equipped with donut bumpers to protect your wall from damage. The unit measures 24″W x 48″L x 72″H. Take a closer look below:

So, What’s the Big Advantage?

There are 2 goals that every commercial kitchen strives for: organization & cleanliness. With model #MASR, you will achieve both of those goals simultaneously.

You can easily stack up your mixing bowls on top of the 2 louvered shelves. The integrated pegs can hold your attachments & other accessories as well. The casters allow you to take the cart from area to area within your commercial kitchen effortlessly & then it can be moved out of the way when done for the day. Think of the unit as a complete mixing bowl storage center on wheels.

The most common way commercial kitchens are storing mixing bowl is to stack them together & place them inside of a cabinet. This can take up valuable cabinet space & lead to some unsanitary, messy setups. Instead, having a centralized mixing bowl storage cart eliminates any clutter & keeps your kitchen hygienic in the long run.

If your operation frequently uses mixing bowls, then a dedicated storage cart is an important item to keep handy. The stainless steel construction guarantees unmatched durability & will fit right in with all of your other essential appliances. For a look at IMC’s rack & storage cart, click here.

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