Everything You Need to Know About IMC Tray Dispensers

If you’ve ever been exposed to a cafeteria, dining hall, or buffet line environment, you will undoubtedly be aware of tray dispensers. Simply put, IMC tray dispensers are essential for high volume service areas. 


The answer is they make managing large quantities of unwieldy trays a simple task & provide customers with quick access to food trays in your establishment. As an added bonus, the dispensers safely store your trays to prevent them from becoming damaged!

IMC Tray dispensers are designed to accommodate many different sizes of trays used in commercial kitchens, so finding the perfect one to suit your application should be a breeze.

Let’s explore the main types of tray dispensers & look at some buying tips to aid you in your search.


There are three major types of food service tray dispensers:

1. Freestanding Tray Dispensers

This is the current type that IMC offers. This type of tray dispenser mimics the style of a traditional plate dispenser. They are mounted on casters for added mobility & you can choose a tray dispenser that comes with a silverware dispenser for quick set up in large volume environments. The silverware dispenser holds cylinders (perforated stainless steel or nylon) where you can keep your utensils stored.

A major feature of these tray dispensers is self-leveling. Self-leveling allows your trays to distribute evenly. This feature also keeps the trays balanced during storage & dispensing for a neat & tidy appearance.

Springs are also essential for slowly lifting the trays toward the top of the unit so that they are always easy to reach. Spring tension levels can always be tweaked for quick height adjustments.

2. Tray Dollies

If you just want to store trays rather than dispensing, a tray dolly might fit your needs. Tray dollies have large capacities & are designed specifically to make transporting large numbers of trays easier.

3. Drop-In Tray Dispensers

Similar to drop-in plate dispensers, a drop-in tray dispenser simply mounts in your existing countertop. They are useful if you have plenty of cabinet & counter space available to set up your dispensing system.

Buying Tips

So, you now know the main types of tray dispensers, but how do you know which one to consider for your business? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

A. Size of Trays

The first (and most obvious) thing to remember is picking a tray dispenser that will accommodate your trays! In today’s food service environment, the most common tray sizes are 14″ x 18″, 15″ x 20″ & even 20″ x 20″. Pick a dispenser that will hold your trays neatly & securely.

B. Options

As mentioned earlier, many tray dispensers may be outfitted with a silverware dispenser. If you are facing a large volume environment, you may want to consider this option to keep your utensils in one suitable area. 

As always, IMC tray dispensers can also be custom sized to fit your needs.

At IMC/Teddy, we manufacture two types of freestanding tray dispensers. The 140-516 is a combo tray & basket dispenser equipped with a cantilevered lift mechanism for smooth leveling. The TRDC line is IMC’s flagship tray dispenser offering. Many variants of the TRDC exist to accommodate your tray size & silverware. For a closer look at our entire dispenser lineup, click here.

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