Here’s the Truth About Utility Chases

Plumbing & electrical are the two most important services in a commercial facility. Can you imagine parts of a facility without water or electrical? It would spell disaster. With miles of plumbing & electrical lines to run inside of a building, there must be an organized, simple way to utilize these services. Utility chases just might be the answer.

In this article, we’ll give you the exact definition & best uses for utility chases & give you some examples of IMC manufactured chases. Let’s start.

So What is a Utility Chase? Do You Really Need One?

To put it simply, a utility chase is a channel attached to an existing infrastructure that can accommodate pipes, lines & wires. They provide an effective way of organizing & hiding your plumbing and/or electrical lines. Furthermore, larger size services such as sewage pipes are not typically carried through a utility chase.

Most utility chases are positioned vertically, usually running from a table mounted overshelf to the ceiling or the top of a table to the ceiling.

The best type of chases is constructed from type 300 series stainless steel, thanks to the durable & sanitary design. If a chase is carrying both plumbing & electrical lines, a divider is used inside of the chase to keep the wires divided. Utility chases also feature removable access panels to aid in installation & maintenance. Collars are also provided to allow your chase to fit snugly & flush on both ends.

So, do you really need one? The short answer is yes. Utility chases are absolutely necessary for containing & hiding away wires. Keeping your area neat & presentable will no doubt increase your productivity & throughput.

Plus, the issue is safety comes into play. Having water & electrical lines out in the open can pose a safety risk for your employees. In fact, damaged electrical wires & outlets are one of the most common hazards in a commercial restaurant today.

IMC Utility Chases

IMC/Teddy proudly manufactures stainless steel utility chases (Model #UC) for installation in your work environment. Each utility chase is constructed from 18-gauge type 300 series stainless steel & come standard with removable access panels & collar.

For sizing, IMC provides the following as a typical sizing guide:

a. Standard depth: 4″

b. Standard width: 16″

c. Height range: 36″ – 120″

However, IMC can provide any custom size utility chase to fit your application. If dividers are needed to separate plumbing & electrical lines, IMC can manufacture these as well. Here are some installation examples from the field:


IMC stands by our commitment to manufacture reliable & quality stainless steel equipment to complement your existing infrastructure. Each utility chase is manufactured in the United States of America & customized to fit your application. For a closer look at IMC’s utility chases, click here.

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