Here’s Why You Should Consider Stainless Steel Wall Flashing

In building construction, especially commercial facilities, the threat of water penetration & moisture in the walls is always present. In commercial facilities where hygiene is top priority, this can spell doom. Is there a way to guard against potential damage?

In this article, we’ll give you a definition of wall flashing & break down an IMC product that can be of great help. Let’s start.

Wall Flashing – Building Resistance

First, it should be noted that flashing can take many material forms such as aluminum, copper, zinc, etc. Also, flashing can be installed on roofs, sills, channels & even pipes. For this article, we will mainly focus on stainless steel flashing for walls.

So, what is it exactly? In the simplest terms, wall flashing is a thin strip of water-resistant material (in this case, stainless steel) that is installed to direct water flow away from the facility in the case of a water leakage.

Wall flashing can be installed in a number of areas such as over windows/doors, at the bottom of walls or points of structural support. The fact of the matter is a building’s interior space isn’t a continuous surface. It has intersections & sudden terminations. All of these spaces can be vulnerable to water leakages, which is why wall flashing is imperative to have in your lineup.

Wall flashing also has the secondary effect of reducing indoor mold that can occur from leaking water. Mold prevention leads to a more hygienic environment & better protection for your building.

IMC’s Customized Solution

IMC offers Model #WFT wall flashing that offers up superior building protection that is specifically customized for you. IMC wall flashing is constructed from 18 or 20 gauge Type 300 series stainless steel depending on application. Divider strips are also included.

Standard width is 48″ with heights ranging from 84″ – 120″. However, IMC wall flashing can be custom cut to any width or height as needed.

IMC’s wall flashing bring strength & durability to the table. Type 300 series stainless steel brings you the best shield against potential water leaks. IMC wall flashing is also polished to a #4 brushed satin finish so the flashing will look attractive in any setting.


IMC understands the danger & cost of water leakages, especially in a busy commercial environment. With wall flashing, this potential hazard can be mitigated. More importantly, IMC can provide custom cut wall flashing to fit any size or shaped wall. For a closer look at IMC’s wall flashing, click here.

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