The Truth About IMC Corner Guards (And Why Your Facility Needs Them)

Keeping your walls looking fresh & new is an important aspect of any commercial facility. After all, the goal of any business is to maintain safety & operate efficiently. Stainless steel IMC corner guards are simply the most practical solution for keeping your walls looking clean.

The truth of the matter is modern construction techniques tend to leave outside corners exposed to damage due to the low impact resistance of drywall. With that said, corner guards are typically installed where damage is most likely to occur.

IMC Corner Guards: The Ultimate Safeguard

We already addressed that corner guards give your walls an elegant, modern look. But, IMC corner guards serve another important purpose.

In a commercial environment, wheeled equipment is constantly being transported from one area to another. When you are wheeling, dragging or carrying heavy material down a hallway, there is a tendency to bump corners, especially if the load is so big that it blocks your vision.

At first, you will see scuffs on the corners in the hall, but over time those scuffs will get worse. More specifically, those scuffs will become dents, scratches or even missing pieces of your wall. Those missing pieces may also leave a pointy area where someone could get a sleeve caught or, even worse, cut themselves. 

An IMC corner guard prevents this wear & tear from taking place & keeps employees safe from any injury. In the long run, corner guards help cut down on expensive maintenance & repair costs.

Construction & Customization

IMC corner guards are constructed from 16GA type 300 series stainless steel. Corner guards are installed vertically with 2 legs (also called wings), both 4″ in size. The most common heights range from 48″ – 96″. IMC corner guards can generally be made to any custom specifications. They can also be manufactured to meet a specific floor-to-ceiling measurement. 

All IMC corner guards feature kinked edges for a snug/tight hold. Lastly, the angle on corner guards is 90°.

Are They Easy to Install?

So, is there a steep learning curve regarding installation? Not at all. In fact, stainless steel corner guards can be attached to a wall using any of the following easy methods:

Screw On – Corner guards allow the installer to fasten the protector to the wall using screws. A stable solution that requires the use of some tools & small fasteners.

Adhesive – A strong glue can be selected based on the wall surface materials. This option allows the installer the most freedom in placement.

Double Sided Tape – Two sided tape is applied to the inside of the corner guard, allowing it to be placed directly to the wall surface. This is the simplest option that requires no tools. 

At IMC/Teddy, we manufacture stainless steel corner guards catered specifically for your application.  If you are worried about your commercial facility walls showing signs of wear & tear, let IMC corner guards save you time & trouble in the future. For a closer look at our corner guards, click here.

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