Why Use Tubular Wall Shelves?

We’ve spoken before about wall shelving, in particular solid & louvered wall shelving. This time we’ll focus on the unique third type known as tubular wall shelving. Wall shelving itself plays a vital role in organizing your items & keeping your floor space clear. How does tubular wall shelving set itself apart from its solid & louvered counterparts?

In this article, we’ll give 2 main reasons to consider tubular shelving & also go over IMC’s offering to aid you in your journey. Let’s begin.

2 Major Advantages of Using Tubular Wall Shelving

1. Air Circulation – Although louvered shelving provides adequate air flow for your wares, tubular shelving is the champion. This is simply because of the bigger openings found on the unit. The rack-like design means that the shelving itself is ideal for drying & storing your wares. You will not have to worry about pooling or standing of water when placing your objects on the shelf.

This makes tubular wall shelving ideal for dish rooms, where bowls, plates, & other tableware are constantly being washed & dried. Simply put, placing your wares on a tubular wall shelf speeds up the drying process dramatically.

2. Easy to Clean – Going along with the above, the elimination of pooling water & other contaminants means less bacteria & dirt. This means cleaning & sanitizing your tubular wall shelf is an easy undertaking & usually takes no more than a few wipe downs. On the other hand, solid & louvered shelving have curves & crevices that must be cleaned thoroughly in order to achieve complete disinfection.

Model WMS-T – IMC’s Premier Tubular Wall Shelf

IMC offers model #WMS-T for all of your organizational & storage needs. The unit is constructed from 16-gauge type 300 series stainless steel & the tubes are 1″ OD. Spacing between tubes is 2  “. The wall brackets are also 16-gauge & include pre-drilled holes for easy installation. Each WMS-T is provided with (2) brackets, but more can be supplied as needed.

For sizing, standard widths range from 14″ – 24″. Standard lengths range from 24″ – 144″. However, custom sizes are available based on your application. Custom shapes are also offered, such as “L” shaped, allowing the wall shelf fit into any room layout. Here’s a quick breakdown of model #WMS-T below:

IMC understands wall mounted shelving keeps all of your supplies at your fingertips. Nothing quite matches the ease & convenience of having your favorite appliances & ingredients on the wall in front of you, right where you need them. For a closer look at IMC’s tubular wall shelf, click here.

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